Sick baby making you feel defeated???

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I know that every mom has gone through this feeling. Having a baby that can’t tell you where it hurts or how they feel can make a mom feel like they are defeated. My son has been sick this weekend. He woke up yesterday morning with a fever and was fussy all day. Yes, I am the mom who gives their kid Tylenol when they are not feeling good. I know that there are some great home remedies out there but I have never had the time to research them and I just want to make my babies feel better and fast. I gave him some Tylenol yesterday to try and help comfort him and this morning he woke up with a rash all over his body. I ended up taking him into the doctors, thinking it was probably hand foot and mouth, but I wanted to get him checked out since he wasn’t eating or drinking and I was concerned about dehydration. They tested him for chicken pox and we should get the results in one to two days. If it is not chicken pox then it is hand foot and mouth.

I have spent the last two days holding him or putting him down and picking him right back up. It is the hardest thing as a mom to watch your little baby feel so miserable and feel like there is nothing you can do to help them. I want to remind every mom who is going through this to take a deep breath and relax. I know that is easier said than done, but babies can tell when you are stressed out and it only stresses them out more. They want to be comforted when they are sick and when they can’t relax because you are stressed it is not good for them. I know it is exhausting to constantly hold your baby when they are sick and won’t let you put them down, but remember in a few years you will wish you had more time to snuggle with them. So, take in every snuggle they offer to you when they are little because very soon they will not offer them anymore and you will have to beg.

Another thing that many mothers become stressed with when their baby gets sick is timing. Babies never get sick at a good time. If anything, they get sick at the worst possible time. I am currently student teaching and I have used up my only sick time that I was given so I cannot miss any more days. Of course, Sonny gets sick on the last week of my first placement. So, if I were to miss a day this week I would have to make it up and since I am starting my second placement right after this one I would either have to make it up now and start my next placement late or go back after my second placement and make it up at the end. Either way, it would be a huge hassle and very stressful. Since I am student teaching, I am not making any money. My husband has decided to take on side jobs to help make some extra cash. This means that if my kids get sick I have to stay home with them or find someone who can care for them. I can’t imagine how mothers do it without any help. I have been blessed to have my parents who live close by. They both have pretty flexible schedules and have made it possible for me to get my education and still take care of my children. Sonny will have to stay home from daycare tomorrow and my dad has offered to take care of him so that I can do my student teaching and my husband does not have to take off work. For new mothers out there, I have a piece of advice. Work hard to build a strong support system. I know that there are mothers, single or married, who do not have family or they don’t have family who is close by. That doesn’t have to stop you from building a support system out of friends. Sometimes the best support systems are made up of some really great friends. But, that support system will make a huge difference in your life.

So, remember to stay relaxed, enjoy the snuggles, and lean on your support system. Taking care of a sick baby is exhausting, stressful, and can make you feel defeated, but the only way we can take care of them is to take care of ourselves. You are mommy wonder woman and you can do this!


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