43951082_10217761827537228_3806912093228105728_oHello, my name is Mikayla. I am married and I have three amazing children. We live in a small town in Iowa where I grew up.  I never planned on having children, but after my first child, I knew that being a mom is the best thing there is. I met my husband online because let’s be real, it is near impossible to meet someone in a small town. You grow up with the people in your class and they become great friends and you don’t look at them as the type you would get into a relationship with. I am a homebody and love staying home and hanging out with my kids and bumming around watching movies. It drives my husband crazy because he is a busy body and has the urge to work all the time. Sometimes I wish I had that drive and other times I am glad that I don’t. I am currently going to school to finish my bachelor’s degree in special education. It has proven to be a great feat to go to school, work full time, and take care of three little ones.

That is why I decided to start this blog. Being a mom is an amazing superpower. It takes so much to be a great mom. It can be discouraging to see other moms who look like they have it all together and are doing everything a good mom should do. But here is the thing, there is not one way to be a great mom. There are so many little things that go into being a good mom that not one way is the right way. The most important thing is love, and then the rest will fall together. I want moms to be able to know that as long as they are putting their kids first and showing them every day that they love them, then they are doing a great job. I feel like we spend too much time judging other moms and not enough time accepting them and looking at their choices from their point of view.

The name for my blog came from my oldest daughter. I am a huge fan of Dr. Pepper and I had a can of pop sitting on the table while I was working one night. It was around the time that Wonder Woman came out and they had her on the Dr. Pepper cans. My daughter told me that my picture was on the can. When I looked at the can and saw that it was Wonder Woman I just started to laugh. After that, we watched the movie and she has called me Mommy Wonder Woman since then. We are all Mommy Wonder Woman in one way or another. Each of you moms has a superpower because you get up each morning and are a great mother for your children.